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The Catilos are known to be one of the Philippines’ most sought after wedding/lifestyle photographers. A few years ago, I had sent Sheila a message via Facebook when Dave and I were starting out with our photography here in Canada. I stumbled into one of their works through a friend’s page and couldn’t help but be inspired by the images I saw. 

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"I wanted to write a book because I'm just so grateful for what God has done in my life. Before I met God, I was a divorcee, I was scammed off my life savings, my spiritual life was was nothing, my career was going down the drain, my life direction was going the wrong way." -- Miriam

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The thing that holds us together is because her faith in God is so strong that I get inspired. We’re grounded in the fact that I’m far from perfect, she’s far from perfect. We complement each other very well. We know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Aside from the fact that she’s a really sweet, sweet person who accepts everything and makes me feel that I can be much better than this. ” -- Blue


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