Life, Inspired.

Finding the beauty in everyday moments.

This is what this project is all about. It is a collection of portraits about people who serve as an inspiration to others as they elevate their ordinary lives to achieve more in their respective fields. These individuals have, in their own way, touched the lives of many (us, included) and have left a mark in the community one way or another.

Through their words and our images, we will endeavour to know what goes through their minds as they encounter the peaks and valleys in their lives. Spontaneous, “unscripted” moments happening in real time is the essence of this project, moments that are often taken for granted. We love to tell their stories through the images we take. 

We hope that through this project, we will be able to continue their work of inspiring others as well.


When I returned back from the Philippines last year (I was on maternity leave with our littlest one), there was a period of adjustment between family and work. Here, Dave and I only had ourselves to rely on (plus daycare at times), while trying to juggle everything in between.

We had several projects on the go, one of which is our “Life, Inspired” series. We started this project in the Philippines with the hopes of continuing it here in Nova Scotia – however, our schedules were just too tight.  Fast forward to a year later, we are finally happy to work on this series again.

What better way to start than to share a story of a remarkable woman, raising two boys in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Nowadays, social media has definitely occupied our lives. We find ourselves following celebrities, bloggers, restos/shops. Then there are ordinary people who have influenced our lives one way or another: moms, travellers, photographers, etc. collectively known as “online influencers.” This is how I came to know Amy Peters.

Amy worked full-time in Sales for a distribution company prior to becoming a mom. Her job was stressful, involved a lot of travelling in the Atlantic, so she was away from home a lot. 5 years later, she’s now very happy and content being a stay at home mom to Avery (almost 3 years old) and Archer (7 months). What I love about Amy is that she is such a real, everyday mom going through experiences I can relate to. I love how she focuses on the positive aspects of motherhood as well as the products she integrates into her lifestyle. 

Here’s what happened the morning Dave and I met this beautiful family.

Momma and her boys.

Momma and her boys.

Loved everything about this room!

Loved everything about this room!

When asked how her Instagram "fame" started, Amy shares that the discovery of Chatbooks contributed a lot to this. These are photobooks that print your Instagram, Facebook or Camera Roll photos (including the caption and date) into books automatically for only $8/month. 

I would get a pic of my boys, sort of put a caption that would summarize our day or our outing because not every moment in motherhood is pretty or perfect but we choose to remember the nice ones. We don’t want to remember the blow-out diapers or the crying in the car...
— Amy
Cute little Archer, 7 months old. 

Cute little Archer, 7 months old. 

Amy also adds: "A little over a year ago, when Archer was still in my tummy, I decided to make my private Instagram account public. When I announced that I was pregnant with him, I began meeting new people, mothers especially. We would take baby bump photos to document the growing bump and very quickly gained a lot of followers." 

Mommy and Avery, almost 3 years old.

Mommy and Avery, almost 3 years old.

When it was almost lunch time, we were lucky to have Amy's husband, Adam, join us for a few snaps with the boys.  

Now our time is spent with dirty diapers, meals and entertaining children — and I’ve looked back and think how different life was and how much more meaningful it is with the children.

Life was fun before but it’s so much more beautiful. It’s chaotic and it’s busy but I wouldn’t change anything.
— Amy
To be able to introduce my followers, moms like me (some local, US, Australia, all over the world), to these different brands, it’s fun because they look at me as somewhat of an influencer. I wouldn’t have known of these different companies if I wasn’t on Instagram. I found some really amazing baby products, especially. My niche is the baby mom world.
— Amy

When asked if she chooses the products she represents, Amy answers: "For the most part, children's clothes for example, 90% of the time I pick what I want. That way, it suits our lifestyle, our style. If I love the product, I'll photograph it and I'll post about it -- and then it works out better for the company as well." 

My house will never be spotless and my eyes are always tired. My life that I choose to share on Instagram is far from perfect but my reality is, that it is perfect to me. These boys keep me on my toes and make me a little crazy at the end of the day but ultimately, I’ve never been happier.
— Amy (Instagram post: August 14, 2016)

I'd like to end this post by sharing something that Amy posted on her Instagram account:

"Some days it storms, some days it shines. This is how flowers grow."  Pretty much sums up motherhood. Some days are sooooo good and other days, not so much but all in all, it's a beautiful thing.

Amy, thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us. May you continue to spread those positive mom vibes around.

And to all moms (and dads) out there reading this post, I want to encourage you today that even if it gets overwhelming, I pray that you understand that you're doing a great thing.

xoxo, Pring :)