Rica was one of the first people I got in touch with regarding the Life Unscripted project. She is a wife to pastor Joseph Bonifacio, and mom to son Philip, 14 months old. Being a "work-at-home" mom, her typical day consists of blogging and taking care of Phillip. Though she may have people available to help her, she's very hands-on when it comes to her son's needs.

For years, she has been exposed to the world of television and the big screen.  Eventually when she was 25, she was able to escape the grasp of show business and went back to college to earn her degree in English Literature.  She shares that she always loved to write, stating, "Blogging was born out of my desire to document the mountains I would climb . . . I might forget all these things one day, so I might as well have an archive of things that I've done and just look back when I'm super old already."

When I came across Rica's blog, I was inspired by her love for family and her passion to travel and see the world, taking Joseph and Philip along for the ride. Dave and I share the same interests and would love to show our daughters the rest of the world, together.

In reading her blog posts, you will find how much of an influence she is to others through her optimism, words of hope and encouragement, more importantly, to moms. 

Here's what happened when I met up with Rica and her adorable son, Philip, one Monday morning.

I never thought that I would be a voice for motherhood. I’m happy about it because at least I have the chance to influence moms in a good way.
Just be the mom that God has called you to be. Be easy on yourself. Be patient with yourself as you are patient with your baby, because you’re also still learning.
When I got married, it was already a decision of putting my family life first. But I am also so glad that I have a husband who supports my decision to write, my desire to be an influence to the world.
I think it’s very powerful when a parent is able to humble himself or herself down in front of the child and say that I’m not perfect . . . When you do something wrong, it takes a while for them to understand that you are really sorry about it.
When he grows up, even if he probably doesn’t remember everything anymore, I want to be able to tell him: For all those times, for all of my shortcomings, I’m sorry.
Be forgiving to yourself as well, you can’t really do everything correctly. Of course you try your best but don’t expect that you’ll be able to 100% of the time. Just trust that you can.

There are times when you've reached a point in your life where you feel you need a change of direction. This may be a quest to have some deeper meaning in your life or find some (true) happiness. This path, though, can be risky and difficult.  Countless sacrifices have to be made and you must have tremendous patience and determination.  Should you choose this path, the rewards are great, as Rica can attest. She has found genuine fulfillment putting family in the centre of her life as she is a voice for motherhood.