Family sessions are such a blast.

They are truly carefree and fun! We highly recommend to all our clients to wear NEUTRAL COLOURS!  But generally our motto is “light & bright” for wardrobe.

We encourage moms/ladies to have some light make-up on, fingernails clean for everyone.  Every little thing you do when it comes to styling for this session counts! 

Dress up a little more than usual, as these photos will be hanging on your walls for many years  to come!      

 Dress for the location! Be practical when choosing your outfits so your location and season make sense with your outfits.  Pick clothes that move well – they can really make a photo more dynamic!  Avoid wearing black as it photographs quite flat. Dress in a way that makes you all feel comfortable.  Coordinate with your family members – try to stay in the same colour family. Subtle coordination can really harmonize a photo.  You can also do the opposite of each other if one of you chooses neutrals and the other chooses something quite bright! (That makes for fabulous on camera contrast!) Please avoid clothes that have some large prints or logos on them.  Wear clothing that fits properly! You don’t want to be overwhelmed in something that is too big for you. 

 Wear shoes that are comfy yet stylish! Or better yet, being barefoot works too! :)


It’s always fun to bring some props. We want every family session to look like it could be in a magazine, so feel free to bring things along that reflect your personalities - especially if it’s something important to you.


Get creative and have fun!


Dave and Pring