About Us

Nova Scotia has been our home away from home for about 10 years now and we love it! The people, the landscapes, the food and everything this province has to offer has made it so easy for us to fall in love with this beautiful place.  Oh, and we love the local coffee here too!

Through the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to document raw, authentic moments in people’s lives. Whether it be couples, families, or kids, we find that there’s nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than to capture the bond, the love that exists, the unheard laughter and giggles, in each photograph we take. It’s the everyday moments that count. This is what we live for.

We are all about the real, genuine, fun, quiet, and pure. We love hard, fall deeply and live freely. We long to create photographs that show these.

We can’t wait to meet you. :)

Leave us a note and let’s create something beautiful.